Sep 11 to Sep 15


Sonoma Horse Park


Petaluma, CA




NorCal Equitation Classics and Hudson & Co Finals


Gabriel & Sarah Ryan
Champion Green Working Hunters
Champion Jr Hunters

Woodstock & Eleanor Hellman
Champion Performance Hunters 3’6”
2nd $1,000 Jr/AO Hunter Classic

Solis & Rebecca Birdsall
Champion .80m Jumpers

WT Who Knew & Katie Lee
Champion Training Hunters
1st Short Stirrup Hunters
1st Short Stirrup Warm-Up
3rd Short Stirrup Eq

Alley Oop & Eleanor Hellman
Champion High Jr/Am Jumpers
USHJA Zone 10 High Jr/AO Jumpers HOTY Finals
2nd $2,000 Jr/AO 1.30m Jumpers

Summertime & Pastorino Hay & Ranch Supply
Champion Young Hunters 5 yr Old & Under

Macauley & Isabelle Olson
Champion Jr Mod Hunters
1st, 3rd Performance Hunters 3’3”

Ferdinand & Christine Demont
Champion Baby Green Hunters

Farmore Royal Design & Sarah Ryan
Champion Large Pony Hunters
1st $500 Pony Hunter Classic
2nd NorCal Pony Eq Classic

Argiste & Eleanor Hellman
1st $10,000 Jr/Am Hunter Derby 3’3”
Champion Amateur Mod Hunters

Charming & Ira McEvoy
Champion Beginning Hunters

Harlem & Julia Bachteal
Champion Children’s Hunters 13 & Under
2nd $1,000 Children’s Hunter Classic

Lasalle & Emma Townsend
Champion Performance Hunters 3’3”
Reserve Champion Amateur Mod Hunters
1st $1,000 Jr/Am Mod Hunter Classic

Nigel & Sabrina Hellman
Reserve Champion Conformation Hunters
2nd Beginning Eq 18 & Over

Crusader & Paige Pastorino
Reserve Champion Green Working Hunters
2nd, 3rd, 3rd Jr Working Hunters

L. Alta Vida & Laura Owens
Reserve Champion Amateur Eq
1st Ariat Medal
3rd NorCal Eq Classic 18 – 35

CR Haribo & Emma Townsend
3rd $10,000 Jr/Am Hunter Derby
1st, 4th Performance Hunters 3’3”
1st $1,000 Jr/AO Hunter Classic
1st, 1st Low AO Hunters

Impossiblu & Avery Glynn
1st, 3rd Small Pony Hunters
2nd, 3rd Sm/Med Child Pony Hunters

Marble Arch & Sarah Hellman
2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd Pre-Green Hunters
3rd, 3rd A/A Hunters 18 – 35

Charmant & Courtney Sibert
1st, 3rd Pre-Green Hunters
1st Mod A/A Hunters

Priceless & Leslie Beyer
1st, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd Young Hunters

Fitzsimmons & Diana Heldfond
1st, 3rd Children’s Hunters 14 – 17

Bel Canto & Sabrina Hellman
1st Mod Adult Hunters
1st, 3rd Training Hunters

Angelino & Megan Steindorf
2nd Short Stirrup Eq
2nd, 2nd Warm-Up Hunters
3rd Short Stirrup Hunters

Pretty Please & Katie Lee
1st Short Stirrup Hunters

Ballinrobe Blue & Kristin Loewenthal
3rd .85 Pre-Adult Jumpers

Calista & Sarah Draxton
3rd 1.00 Low Children’s Jumpers