Jan 21 to Jan 26


Thermal, CA




Frederick & Sarah Hellman
Champion Low Hunters
1st, 2nd HITS Adult Hunter
Reserve Champion HITS Adult Hunter 2’9”

Charmant & Courtney Sibert
Champion Modified Adult Hunter
2nd, 2nd Thermal Adult Hunter

Bit of Flurries & Avery Glynn
Champion Small Schooling Pony 2’

King’s Peak & Emma Waldfogel
Champion Performance Working Hunter 3’6”
2nd, 2nd, 3rd Large Junior Hunters 16 - 17

WT Who Knew & Katie Lee
Champion Training Hunters
1st, 3rd, 3rd Pre-Child Hunters

Summertime & Pastorino Hay Supply
Champion Baby Green Hunter
1st, 1st, 3rd Thermal Child Hunter 2’3”

Autobahn & Katie Lee
Reserve Champion Training Hunters
2nd $500 Bit O Straw Hunter Classic
2nd, 3rd, 3rd Junior Maiden Eq

Crusader & Paige Pastorino
Reserve Champion Mod Jr/Am Hunters
2nd, 3rd, 3rd Small Junior Hunters
2nd $1,000 Junior Hunter Classic Small
2nd Performance Working 3’3”

All That & Avery Glynn
Reserve Champion Small Schooling Pony 2’

Campari & Helen McEvoy
Reserve Champion Low Hunters
1st Schooling Hunters

Argiste & Eleanor Hellman
Reserve Champion Low Hunters
1st Schooling Hunters

Roccoco & Sabrina Hellman
Reserve Champion Adequan Hunter

Lasalle & Emma Townsend
Reserve Champion Performance Working Hunter 3’3”

Zaretina & Emma Waldfogel
Reserve Champion Small Junior Hunter 16 – 17

Alley Oop & Eleanor Hellman
1st AO Jumpers MEdium

Sky Walker & Julie Blaney
2nd, 2nd Low Hunters

CR Haribo & Emma Townsend
1st Schooling Hunter

Quinnus & Gail Morey
2nd Performance Hunter 3’6”

Donato & Emma Waldfogel
2nd Low Hunters

Nigel & Sabrina Hellman
2nd, 2nd, 3rd Thermal Adult Hunter

Marble Arch & Sarah Hellman
3rd Low Hunters

Nigel & Eleanor Hellman
3rd USEF Adult