May 6 to May 10


Sonoma Horse Park


Petaluma, CA




Woodstock & Olivia Hellman
Champion A/A Hunters – 18 – 35
1st $1,000 A/A Hunter Classic
2nd $7,500 Open Hunter Derby

Davinici & Hope Glynn
Champion Performance Hunters 3’3”

Sarah Hellman & Falcon
Champion Pre-Green Hunters 3’

Back In Business & MaryKate Moulton
1st $7,500 Open Hunter Derby
Champion Regular Conformation Hunters

Lasalle & Emma Townsend
Champion Training Hunters

Avery Glynn & Bit of Flurries
1st $500 Pony Hunter Classic
Champion Small Pony Hunters

Carson & Sabrina Hellman
Champion High Performance Hunters

Channing & Eleanor Hellman
Champion A/O Hunters

Southside & Olivia Hellman
Champion 1st Yr Green Hunters
Reserve Champion Modified Adult Hunters

Christino & Kate Kramer
Champion Jr Hunters 3’3”

Summertime & Paige Pastorino
Champion Low Adult Hunters

Bel Canto & Sabrina Hellman
Champion Beginning Hunters

Panzer & Aya Clear
Champion Modified Children’s Hunters
Reserve Champion Beginning Equitation 17 & Under

Sarah Ryan & Gabriel
Reserve Champion Performance Hunters 3’6”
1st USEF Medal
1st ASPCA Maclay

Cheshire & Katie Lee
Reserve Champion Pre-Green 3’

Raise Your Glass & Gail Morey
Reserve Champion Pre-Green Hunters 3’3”

Steal the Crowd & Aya Clear
Reserve Champion Medium Pony Hunters
Reserve Champion Pony Equitation

CR Haribo & Emma Townsend
Reserve Champion Training Hunters

Cameron C & Kate Kramer
1st Norcal 3’6” Medal

Elwood & Aya Clear
1st THIS Medal