Effective December, 2012


Full Board & Training (paid in advance, includes a combination of lessons and schooling.)
Programs are individualized and at the discretion of the trainer. This is a complete package including, turnouts, grain, routine grooming, lessons, show prep, blanketing, scheduling vet and farrier etc.
(Board and Training is billed from the first of the month, portions of a month are charged by the weekly, daily rate) 2100/month

Sunday turnout available for an additional 60/month

Horses housed in 4-stall with to paddocks 2300/month

Full Board, Training, Grooming (includes all of the above plus full grooming at home.)
(Grooming 3x/week with 24-hr. notice Tues.-Sat)

High Performance Package, Full Board, Training, Grooming and Sunday Turnout. Also includes all treatments at home and at shows. Treatments include Theraplate, Icing and Magnetic blanket/boots. Average of 5-6 treatments while at home and are at the discretion of trainers. 2800/month

First month’s board and training and a 2,100 security deposit fee will be collected when a horse enters SVS program.
Training Per Week (Tuesday-Saturday) 650/wk —Training Daily (professional to ride, or lesson) 130/ea —Group Lesson 70/ea
Private Lesson (1/2 hour) 90/ea
Lesson Package of 10, group lessons (paid in advance. 12 wk. elapsed time.
No refunds for unused lessons, $20/lesson up-charge
for private lessons) 650
Horse Fee- (If you use an SVS horse for a lesson) 25
Horse Fee Package of 10 (paid in advance. 12-wk. elapsed time
No refunds for unused sessions) 200
Haul In Fee 50
Haul in Fee package of 10 (paid in advance. 12 wk. elapsed time.
No refund for unused sessions) 300

24-hour notice is required to cancel a lesson- without 24 hours notice the lesson fee is forfeited

Day Care (schooling fee, full time horses only, N/C for rides by professional) 85/day
Day Care (schooling fee and rides by professional, outside horses) 110/day
Day Care and schooling when 3 or less horses attend a show-$250/day divided by the number of horses and charged accordingly
Expenses are divided equally between all the horses at the show and are a total of fees to send entries, groom and tack stalls, feed, bedding, set-up, x-tra labor, wraps (new and repair), laundry, supplies(buckets, snaps, hardware, brushes, shampoos, hoof picks, soaps, electrolytes,etc.)
Groom Fees are calculated at each show and split equally between all horses; the fee is posted at the show and is to be paid at the show. If your horse is not at show for all the days of warm up and show, instead of being in the groom split, the groom fee will be 100/day or portion of day.
A service charge of $50 will be assessed if SVS has to cover costs because Owner does not send checks or pay all fees associated with the horse show (entries, grooming, braiding)
In the unfortunate occurrence of injury or illness of horse at a show owner will still be responsible for share of expenses and $85 daycare for # of day’s horse remains at show.

Classes with a prize of $2,500 or more in which a SVS Professional rides, 20% of the purse earned will go to SVS.

Show Scratches
When a horse is entered in a show and scratches 8 or more days out, owner is responsible for all office charges, show fees, stall, scratch fee, etc.
When a horse scratches one week or less in addition to above there will be a 75% charge for grooming and share of expenses.

A rebate of $90 will be credited to the monthly board and training fee for each horse show a horse attends. (show to be a minimum of 4 days)
Use of a SVS lesson horse at a horse show 250/show
Tack trunk rental 25/show, 25/month @SVS
SVS Show sheet or Blanket use 15/show


When a horse has to be on rest or lay-up, lessons for the first two weeks on a lesson horse (if available) will be at no charge, maximum 2 lessons/week. If the lay-up continues after the two weeks lessons will be charged at the same rate as the lesson package rate: $70/group lesson, $90/private lesson, there will not be a horse fee charged.


Show prep (mane pull & clip) will be provided for horses in full training prior to a show at no
extra charge.
Grooming per Day, grooming and tack-up with 24 hour notice $25, tack up or untack only $15


Hauling- In addition to SVS vehicles often outside haulers are used. SVS staff decides which hauling vehicle your horse goes in.
Set fees:
$450- Murieta, Sacramento area, Woodside, Menlo
$1250- del Mar
$100- Minimum Haul charge
These prices are subject to change depending on charges from outside haulers.


We charge a flat 10% commission if we are acting as agent for you in either a purchase or sale of a horse you own or are attempting to buy. A 15% commission is charged if we are acting as agent for both buyer and seller.
Lease Commissions: $1000 or 10% of lease fee, whichever is greater.


A 30-day notice of intent is required to move your horse or to alter its training status. Failure to do this will require payment for the final 30-day period. Trainer reserves the right to terminate training program giving Owner one (1) weeks notice.
The balance of any unused training fees will be refunded at such time.


Vet/Medical Expenses
Poultice $5.00/2 feet

Medications, supplements provided by client, a $15.00/month handling fee for each

Weight Gain
Extra hay N/C
Additional Ultium $45/month

Day Fees
This day fee applies when the trainer goes off the property with a client or acting as agent for a client to shop for a horse, witness a vet check or pre-purchase exam etc.
1/2 Day (4 hours or less)-$150 plus any expenses incurred
Full Day (More than 4 hours)-$250 plus any expenses incurred
If the horse is purchased, 1/2 of the day fees occurred while looking at that horse will be credited towards the commission.

Ice Treatment, Theraplate and Magnetic Blanket and Boot Charges

$250/month 3 treatments/week while at home
$40/show additional for any of the above three for horses on monthly package

Horses on lay- up – All horses on lay-up will not be charged for Ice Treatment while they are not being ridden. If Ice Treatment exceeds 3/week $20/treatment will be charged.
Individual sessions will be $20 for those horses not paying the monthly fee.

$100/show for any of above treatments (horses not on monthly package). If your horse is receiving three treatments at any one show the package fee is $225.
Show treatment fees cover additional labor required to provide treatments.

In the event that a client has more than one horse receiving treatments the following pricing will apply:
$75/show/horse for any of above treatments (horses not on monthly package). If the horses are receiving all three treatments the package fee will be $150/show/horse.

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