Sold - Fair Play

Fair Play: 13 yr old Small Jr hunter or children's hunter. Very cute, scopey.

Congrats to Greg and his daughter Sarah McMichaels on the purchase of Fair Play. Thank you to Matt Brown.

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Sold - Andiamo

12 yr old Holsteiner gelding 16.1.
Champion norcal and pcha Children's hunters 13 & under 2010.
Qualified for Junior hunter finals in 2011.
Reserve champion horse and hound 3ft medal finals 2010.

Thank you to Andrea Barbee for facilitating the sale of Andy to Meredith Herman. Congrats!

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Sold - Le Petit Prince


Le Petit Prince
10 yr old 15.3 hand Hessen gelding
Hack winner, beautiful form, good for short stirrup thru A/A hunters. Champion Zone 10 A/A hunter, 2010 Champion Los Angeles National A/A hunter. Numerous championships in low child/ adult hunters. USEF #4773633

Congrats to Mark Bone/ Huntover and the Flournay family on the purchase of Prince. They were already champions at their first show together!!

Leased - City of Light

city of light.png

City of Light 12 yr old large child's pony. Fancy, hack winner, also great for short stirrup.

Congrats to KMC Farms on the lease of Paris!

Sold - Cash


Cash: 8 yr old Holsteiner gelding, 16.2. Ready to be great Eq/hunter for someone.

Sold - Thank you to California Riding Academy on the purchase of Cash and Cory!

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Sold - Swingtime

aiden sale.jpg

11 yr old stunning WB gelding by Goodtimes. Has won hunters and derbies throughout California. Leading southwest USHJA National derby horse for 2010. Champion in the A/A and A/O hunters throughout 2010 and 2011. A fabulous horse.

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Sold - Mr. Darcy


Mr Darcy: 11 yr old 16.1 1/2 hand Hannoverian gelding. Perfect horse from short stirrup to 3ft. Hack winner. Circuit champion thermal 2009 and 2010 low adult hunter. Very easy, sweet and fancy.

Also thank you to Carin Beavis of San Marcos Training for finding such a great new owner of Billy. Best of luck!

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Sold - Winter


Winter: 9 yr old Oldenburg gelding. Small junior hunter. Beautiful mover and jumper. Derby winner with amateur. Champion in everything from long stirrup to 2nd years. He is easy, fancy, and has an incredible record.

Congrats to Nancy Hey of Strideaway Farms and her clients
on the purchase of Winter.

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Sold - SVS Caremunde Z


SVS Caramunde Z: 10 yr old Zangersheide gelding, 16.2.
Successful equitation, hunter and jumper; mid-circuit champion Adult Equitation Thermal 2011.

Congrats to David and Heidi at Flintridge Riding Club and their client Shelly Gambardella on the purchase of "Mickey"/SVS Caramunde Z.

Leased - Just Larry

larry sale photo.jpg

Just Larry: 10 yr old, Hannoverian gelding. Beautiful equitation horse that can also do hunters and derbies. Kind, honest, good in both rings.

Congrats to Shannon Jones and trainer Kelly Maddox on the lease of Just Larry.

Leased - Karlson


Karlson: 16.2 h Hannoverian gelding, 13 yr old. Perfect 3'-3'6" Eq/hunter. Kind, fancy, soft jump, good mover, uphill carriage. Can also take someone around in the long stirrup.

Congrats to Dick and Ruth Widger on the lease of Karlson for their client carol Bonan.

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Sold - Zepplin


12 yr old Hannoverian gelding, successful A/O hunter. Will be the best amateur/ derby horse. Brave, beautiful, good mover and can also frame up to be a great Onondarka horse. Champion Low A/A hunter and Champion A/A hunter Northern Winter Classic 2011.

Congratulations to Nancy Hey and the Waldfogel family on the purchase of Zeppelin.

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Sold - Enterprise


Enterprise: DWB gelding, 16.1 1/2 hands, 12 yrs old in 2011. Super cute large junior hunter. Easy changes, good mover with a beautiful jump.

Congrats to Avery and Lori Corley and their trainer Andrea Correll on the purchase of "Spock". We look forward to seeing his success continue in the junior hunter ring with Avery!

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Leased - Tessa

Tessa menlo.jpg

Tessa 10 yr old, coming 11, DWB mare 15.3 7/8. Top regular working/small jr hunter. Super brave and forgiving; very scopey. Also great at 3ft. She has been with SVS for 5 years and been a winner in the A/O hunters and regulars. Top 3 PCHA regular working for the past 3 years. Reserve champion $5000 Menlo Handy Hunter Derby. Located at Leopold farms during the school year.

Congratulations to Sarah Draxton on the lease of Tessa. Congratulations on your wins in the Hudson & Co and Carousel Medals!

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Sold - Rolin


For sale: Foaled 5-10-95, 16.2 hand bay, SWB gelding. Flashy and very good mover. Perfect hunter/Eq horse. Just stepping out of a successful A/O hunter career - 3rd overall 2010 Norcal A/O hunters. Brave in the derbies as well.

Thank you to Pegasus Show Stables and Caroline Neirenberg on the purchase of Rolin!

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Sold - Abbygayle


Abbygayle: Usef# 4734562, 16.1 1/2 hand Oldenburg mare, Champion Low Children's and Children's hunters across California for the past 5 years. Took a year off to have a premium Oldenburg filly by Ragtime. Ready to win again. Hack winner, perfect at home and shows.

Congratulations to Tracy Hirt and trainer Hilary Johnson on the purchase of Abbygayle. We wish you the very best!

Sold - Stonestreet


Stonestreet: 6yr old 16.1h WB gelding. Attractive, brave, great jump, suitable jr hunter/ equitation horse. Numerous championships in the A/O hunters and Green Conformation Hunters.

Thank you to Colleen Mcquay and her client Greg Billings on the purchase of Stonestreet. He was reserve champion in the small jr hunters and reserve champion in the classic week 3 of Thermal. Congrats!

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Leased - Calgary


For sale: 14 yr old, 17 hand Eq/Medal horse. Beautiful jump, great with all the tests, Reserve Champion Pickwick Medal Finals 2010. Qualified Maclay, USEF, WIHS, Pickwick and every 3'3" medal there is! Voted top Eq horse CET finals 2009. Top 4 all Canadian Eq finals in 2009.

Thank you to Kelly LaFond and her client on the lease of Calgary --- have fun with him!

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Leased - Lottie


Lottie: 14 yr old, 16.1 Irish mare. Lottie's career highlights: Ch or res at every venue in 2009 including Menlo and Sac Intl. Currently leading Mod. Jr jumpers for the 2nd yr in a row. 1st $5000 CN 1.20m Jr/Am GP at Spruce Meadows 2010, 1st $7000 CN 1.20m Jr/Am barrage 2010, High point Jr jumper Portuguese Bend national horse show 2010, 1st $1000 mini-prix at Horse and Hound 2009,1st $1000 Mod jr/am classic Norcal medal finals '09 and '10, 2nd $3000 1.20m jr/am Encana at Spruce, 2nd $1000 Jr/A/O classic Woodside Spring classic 2010, 2nd $2000 mini-prix Oregon High Desert classic.

Congrats to Olivia H. on the lease of Lottie! Happy we get to keep her in the barn!

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Leased - Chevalier Gallant

Teddy Sale photo.jpg

16.2 hand Selle Francais gelding 15 yrs old. Perfect first horse up to the 3ft. He will win in any ring, finished in the top ten of the NorCal 3ft finals 2010.

Thank you to Matt and Lindsay Archer. Can't wait to see Teddy in the show ring in 2011!

Sold - Kodachrome

Lucy Hudson.jpg

11 year old Swiss Warmblood, 17.2 wonderful 3'6" hunter and eq horse. 2010 qualified rider for all hunter medal finals and was reserve champion in the Hudson finals and reserve champion in the hunter derby at Sacramento International. He is easy, kind, and a wonderful teacher. Fancy enough to win in any company, brave enough to do the eq and derbies in any ring.

Thank you to trainer Megan Garcia. We will miss Howie!

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Sold - All That

All that.jpg

12 yr old welsh pony gelding 12.2 hands. Perfect small pony.

Congrats to Avery Glynn on her new pony "Wally". Thank you to John French and Stacey Seibel for sending us this pony to use while for sale. Congrats to Sarah Ryan on her win in the $500 Sonoma Horse Park Pony Hunter Classic!

Avery's great grandma "Nammy" bought Wally for her!

Sold - Craig 2


13 yr old 15.2 hand wb gelding. Craig has won everything from the A/A's to the A/O hunters. Currently showing in the low A/O division. Craig is a consistent winner in the hack and over fences. He has won championships and classics at Menlo, Oaks, Thermal, etc. A scopey horse in a small package with a heart of gold. Current vet check done by owner 8-1-10.

Congratulations to Ilene Zauderer on the purchase of Craig 2. We are thrilled to have kept him in the barn!

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Sold - Sebastian


Sebastian 15 yr old Holsteiner gelding 17.1 hands. He has been in our barn for four years and has been a winner in every ring. A great first 3ft hunter equitation horse. Mid-circuit Champion Adult Equitation, Thermal 2011. Champion A/A hunters and Champion Adult Equitation Brookside Premiere, April 2011.

Congrats to Kara Love and her client Sydney Cowley on the purchase of Sebastian.

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