Jul 18 to Jul 29


Bend, OR




Vivid & Joey Pedroni
Champion Green Conformation Hunter x 2
Champion AO Working Hunters
Champion Green/Regular Working Hunters

Vintage Country & Eleanor Hellman
Champion Pre-Children’s Working Hunter – x 2
Champion Just A Working Hunter – x 2

Joyful Sound & Avery Hellman
Champion Modified Working Hunter x 2
Champion Modified Jr/AO Working Hunter
Reserve Champion Jr Working Hunters 15 – under

Mr. Darcy & Olivia Hellman
Champion Large Working Hunters
Champion Adult Amateur Working Hunters, 18 – 39
Reserve Champion Limit Adult Working Hunter

Twist-n-Shout & Madison Bradshaw
Champion Pre-Green Working Hunter, Fences 3’3”
Champion Children’s Working Hunter, 12 & Under

Abbygale & Helen McEvoy
Champion Non Thoroughbred Working Hunter x 2
Champion Children’s Working Hunter, 13 - 14

City of Light & Avery Hellman
Champion Green Pony Working Hunter x 2
Champion Pony Working Hunter

Almosta Secret & Sarah Draxton
Champion Short Stirrup Working Hunter, Ponies x 2
Champion Short Stirrup Equitation

Gallantry & Joan Griffith
Champion Training Hunter
Reserve Champion Schooling Working Hunter

Tessa & Courtney Sibert
Champion Children’s Working Hunters, 15 – 17
Reserve Champion Green Conformation Hunters
1st First Year Green Working Hunters

Break the Bank & Madison Bradshaw
Champion Schooling Working Hunter
Reserve Champion Just a Working Hunter

Layla & Joey Pedroni
Champion Young Working Hunter x 2
Reserve Champion Pre-Green Working Hunters, Fence 3’3”

Valentine & Ira McEvoy
Champion Adult Amateur Working Hunters 18 – 30
Reserve Champion Pre-Green Working Hunters, Fences 3’

VDL Rolex & Sarah Hellman
Champion Small Working Hunter
1st Children’s Working Hunter 15 – 17 x 2

Sevelien & Eleanor Hellman
Champion Children’s Jumpers 15 - 17
2nd Children’s Jumper Classic

Alano & Olivia Hellman
Champion Adult Amateur Jumpers Low Level 1
1st Adult Amateur Jumpers, High

Chevalier Galant & Sabrina Hellman
Champion Hopeful Jumpers

SVS Bling Bling & Eleanor Hellman
Champion Level 5 Jumpers – tie

Buffalo Soldier & Sabrina Hellman
Champion Long Stirrup Working Hunter

Patron & Katherine Civian
Reserve Champion Junior Equitation, 16 - 17
Reserve Champion Jr Hunters 16 – 17
1st USEF Junior Medal

Sham’s Raspberry Dream & Madison Jarrell
Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Working Hunter, Ponies
1st Short Stirrup Working Hunter U/S, Ponies
1st Lead Line Class - with Avery Glynn x 2

Belle Fleur & Avery Hellman
Reserve Champion Green/Regular Working Hunters
2nd WIHS Hunter Phase

Echelon & Helen McEvoy
Reserve Champion Open Working Hunter
Top Ribbons Pre Children’s Working Hunter

Heaven Sent & Bev Knobel
Reserve Champion Adult Amateur Hunters, 40 + - tie
1st Adult Amateur Hunters, 31 +, x 2

Warrior Princess & Courtney Sibert
Reserve Champion Non-Thoroughbred Working Hunter
1st Novice Jumpers
2nd Children’s Eq O/F, 15 – 17

Rio Regallia & Helen McEvoy
Reserve Champion Children’s Hunters, 15 – 17

Sebastian & Olivia Hellman
1st Ariat Adult Medal
1st A/A Eq O/F, 18 – 30
1st Limit Adult Eq O/F x 2

Tintor’s Fair & Amy Arntz
1st Training Jumpers, Level 3
1st Special Jumpers, Level 1

Kingsland & Cian O’Neill
1st Children’s Working Hunter, 12 - Under
1st Children’s Eq. O/F, 12 – under

Peerfekt & Joey Pedroni
1st Jr/AO Jumpers
2nd Jr/AO Jumpers, Level 6

SVS Caremunde Z & Ned Glynn
1st Level 3 Jumpers

Rhianna & Cian O’Neil
1st Novice Jumpers

C’Czar & Hope Glynn
1st Young Working Hunter U/S

Madeline & Andrea Oneto
Top Ribbons Jr/Am Modified Jumpers

Double Trouble & Madison Jarrell
Top Ribbons Short Stirrup Hunters, Ponies

Scout & Helen McEvoy
Top Ribbons Children’s Equitation, 13 - 14