Jun 3 to Jun 7




San Juan Capistrano, CA




Worth the Wait & Ira McEvoy – ridden by Alexandra Ladove
Champion Low Schooling Hunter
Champion High Schooling Hunters
Modified Child/Adult Hunters

Ollivander & Tracy Stevens
Champion Equitation 18 & Over
2nd CPHA Foundation
3rd, 3rd Low A/O Hunters
2nd .90M Jumpers
2nd 1.0M Jumpers

As Ever & Avery Hellman
Champion Green Pony Hunters

Mr. Darcy & Sabrina Hellman
Reserve Champion Low Schooling Hunter
Reserve Champion Child/Adult Hunters
1st Green Rider Hunters

Knimbus & Jill Stevens
Reserve Champion High Schooling Hunters
Reserve Champion Equitation 16 – 17
1st CPHA Foundation
2nd USEF Medal
2nd T.H.I.S. Medal

Rio Ultimo & Helen McEvoy
Reserve Champion Young Hunters

Simply Theo & Avery Hellman
Reserve Champion Green Pony Hunters

Campari & Helen McEvoy
Reserve Champion Jr/Am Modified Hunters – tie
3rd 2nd Yr Green Hunters

Palomita & Eleanor Hellman
Reserve Champion .90m Jumpers
2nd 1.0M Jumpers
2nd Low Child A/A Jumpers

Calmo & Andrea Oneto
1st A/A Jumper Classic
2nd A/A Jumpers

VDL Rolex & Sarah Hellman
1st A/A Hunters 18 – 35
3rd Mod Jr/Am Hunters
3rd Mod Hunters

SVS Bling Bling & Helen McEvoy
1st 1.00m Jumpers

Vintage Country & Eleanor Hellman
2nd, 3rd, 3rd High Mod Hunters

Grimaldi 54 & Avery Hellman
1st T.H.I.S. Medal

Belle Fleur & Sarah Hellman
1st, 2nd, 3rd Limit Equitation
2nd, 3rd Equitation 18 & Over

Whisper & Helen McEvoy
2nd, 3rd Modified Hunters
2nd 1.00m Jumpers
2nd 1.10m Jumpers

Landon & Eleanor Hellman
3rd, 3rd Large Jr Hunters

Franklin & Helen McEvoy
3rd Mod Jr/Am Hunters
Top ribbons Large Junior Hunters 16 – 17

Roccoco & Avery Hellman
3rd Low Hunters
Top ribbons Pre-Green Hunters

Craig 2 & Andrea Oneto
Top Ribbons A/O Hunters 18 – 35
6th A/O Hunter Classic

Sevelein & Eleanor Hellman
Top Ribbons 1.10m Jumpers