Sep 16 to Sep 20


Brookside Horse Park


Elk Grove, CA




Corralino & Madison Bradshaw
3rd Pickwick Jr/Am Medal Finals
1st 1.15M Jumpers
2nd Jr/Am Modified Jumpers

Rienzo & Sarah Draxton
Champion Children’s Hunters 13 & Under
Reserve Champion Open Hunters
Reserve Champion Green/Reg Working Hunters
3rd Eq Riders 12 - 13

Woodstock & Olivia Hellman
Champion A/A Hunters 18 – 40
Champion Green/Reg Working Hunters
2nd $500 Children’s/A/A Hunter Championship

Play With Me & Isabella Batki
Champion Pony Hunters
Champion Pony Equitation

Winter & Olivia Hellman
Champion Open Hunters
Reserve Champion A/A Hunters 18 – 40
1st $500 Ch/A/A Championship
1st Low Amateur Hunters
2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd Green/Reg Hunters

Franklin & Helen McEvoy
Champion Modified Hunters
Reserve Champion Jr/A/O Hunters – tie
3rd Jr/Am Hunters
3rd $500 Jr/A/O Hunter Championship

Mr. Darcy & Sabrina Hellman
Champion Low AmateurHunters
Reserve Champion Warm-up Hunters
2nd Novice Eq O/F

Grimaldi 54 & Olivia Hellman
Champion Low Hunters
1st Carousel Medal
2nd NorCal 3’ Medal
2nd EMO Agency Horsemanship
3rd Horse & Hound Medal

Asterix & Alexandra Wattis
Champion Warm-Up Hunters
2nd, 2nd Low Children’s Hunters
2nd, 2nd, 3rd Children’s Hunters 14 - 17

Roccoco & Avery Hellman
Champion Pre-Green Hunters
1st $250 Pre-Green Championship

Murphy & Courtney Tuck
Champion .95M Jumpers
2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd Short/Long Stirrup Hunters

SVS Bling Bling & Helen McEvoy
Champion 1.10M Jumpers
2nd Children’s Jumpers

Octavia & Helen McEvoy
Champion 1.15M Jumpers
2nd Pickwick Jr/Am Medal
3rd Open Hunters Handy

Vollenbak & Jordan Matteri
Champion .85 M Jumpers
3rd Child/Adult Low Jumpers

Lottie & Madison Bradshaw
Champion Mod Jr/Am Jumpers

High Resolution & Sarah Draxton
Reserve Champion Children’s Hunters 13 & Under
2nd Equitation 13 & Under
3rd $500 Children’s A/A Hunter Classic

Chevalier Galant & Alexandra Wattis
Reserve Champion .80M Jumpers
3rd .80M Jumpers

Kodachrome & Lucy Sogard
1st Modified Hunters Handy
1st Children’s Hunters 13 & Under
2nd .95M Jumpers
2nd CPHA Child/Adult Medal
3rd Carousel Jr/Am Medal
Top ribbons Eq Riders 13 & Under

Whisper & Helen McEvoy
1st, 2nd, 3rd Jr/A/O Hunters
2nd $500 Jr/A/O Hunter Championship

Calmo & Jordan Matteri
1st Child/Adult Special Qualifier
2nd, 3rd 1.0M Jumpers
3rd .95M Jumpers

Daire Me & Iliana Olson
1st Child’s Pony Hunters
2nd NorCal Pony Medal

Macintosh & Madison Bradshaw
1st PCHA Jr/Am Medal

C’Czar & Helen McEvoy
1st .70M Jumpers

Luxor & Sarah Frushell
Reserve Champion Low Hunters
Reserve Champion Children’s Hunters 14 – 17
Top ribbons Eq 14 - 17

Hoopla & Megan Morrow
2nd, 2nd Warm-Up Hunters