Jan 26 to Jan 31


Desert Circuit Horsepark


Thermal, CA




Mr. Darcy & Sabrina Hellman
Champion Pre-Adult Hunter
Champion Training Hunters
1st, 2nd, 3rd Mod Adult Hunter

Chance of Flurries & Helen McEvoy
Champion Low Hunters – Section A
1st, 3rd Regular Working Hunters
2nd Large Junior Hunters 16 - 17

Woodstock & Olivia Hellman
Best Adult Rider
Champion A/A Hunters 18 – 35
1st Low Hunters
1st Practical Horseman A/A Hunter Stake
2nd, 2nd Second Yr. Green Hunters
2nd M & S A/A Hunter Classic
10th $10,000 HITS Hunter Derby

Swingtime & Avery Hellman
Champion Low Hunters – Section B
4th $10,000 HITS Hunter Derby

Avedon & Helen McEvoy
Champion Baby Green Hunters

Karlson & Ilene Zauderer
Champion 2’6” Adult Hunter

Knimbus & Jill Stevens
Reserve Champion Equitation 18 – 35
1st CPHA Amateur Medal
1st Foxfield Medal

Ruby Music & Ilene Zauderer
Reserve Champion Baby Green Hunters

Winter & Avery Hellman
1st, 2nd Adequan Hunters
2nd, 2nd Small Junior Hunters 16 - 17

Roccoco & Avery Hellman
3rd Pre-Green Hunters
9th $10,000 HITS Hunter Derby

Clooney 9 & Eleanor Hellman
3rd $4,000 Jr/A/O Jumper Classic

Whisper & Helen McEvoy
3rd WCE Medal
3rd Level 5 Jumpers

Octavia & Helen McEvoy
3rd Level 4 Jumpers