Oct 13 to Oct 17


Leone Equestrians


Elk Grove, CA




Landon & Madison Bradshaw
1st NorCal Junior Medal Finals
1st Hudson & Co Medal
3rd USEF Medal

Stonetown & Sarah Frushell
Champion Pre-Green Hunters
Champion Children’s Hunters 14 – 17
1st $1,500 Pre-Green Hunter Stake
2nd $3,500 NorCal Hunter Challenge

Woodstock & Olivia Hellman
Champion 2nd Yr Green Hunters
Champion A/A Hunters 18 – 40
3rd $3,500 NorCal Hunter Challenge
3rd $1,000 A/A Hunter Classic

Chance of Flurries & Helen McEvoy
Champion Regular Hunters
Champion Junior Hunters

Roccoco & Avery Hellman
Champion First Yr Green Hunters
1st $3,500 NorCal Hunter Challenge

Winter & Eleanor Hellman
Champion Modified Hunters
1st, 2nd A/A Hunters 18 – 40
3rd Equitation 18 - 35

Swingtime & Olivia Hellman for Avery Hellman
Reserve Champion Regular Hunters
Reserve Champion A/A Hunters
2nd, 2nd Mod Open Hunters

Rienzo & Sarah Draxton
Reserve Champion 2nd Yr Green Hunters
Reserve Champion Mod Jr/Am Hunters
1st Children’s Hunters 14 – 17
2nd, 3rd Equitation 14 - 15

Biarritz & Blaire Kingsley
Reserve Champion Modified Hunters
2nd, 2nd, 3rd Junior Hunters

Sebastian & Olivia Hellman
Reserve Champion .95 Jumpers
1st NorCal 3’ Medal – Non-qualified
7th NorCal 3’ Medal Finals

Clooney 9 & Eleanor Hellman
Reserve Champion 1.30m Jumpers
3rd 1.20m Jr/Am Mod Jumpers

All That& Sarah Ryan
Reserve Champion Small/Medium Pony Hunters
1st Pony Equitation
6th NorCal Pony Medal Finals

Murphy & Steve Lang
Reserve Champion Warm-Up Hunters

Daire Me & Isabelle Olson
1st Large Pony Hunters
1st NorCal Pony Medal Finals – Round 1
10th NorCal Pony Medal Finals

Enterprise & Blaire Kingsley
1st Low Hunters
1st Warm-Up Hunters

SVS Caremunde Z & Molly Baumhoff for Ned Glynn
1st Equitation 36 & Over
2nd, 3rd, 3rd 3rd Regular Hunters
3rd PCHA Medal
5th NorCal Senior Medal Finals

Celly 19 & Tonya Johnston
1st PCHA Adult
2nd CPHA Amateur Medal
3rd NorCal Senior Medal Finals
Corralino & Madison Bradshaw
1st $1,500 Jr/A/O Jumper Stake
2nd 1.30m Jumpers

Lottie & Madison Bradshaw
1st $1,000 Jr/Am Modified Spruce Qualifier

Sevelein & Eleanor Hellman
2nd, 2nd 1.20m Jumpers

High Resolution & Iliana Olson
2nd NorCal 3’ Medal – Non-Qualified
3rd Onondarka Medal
3rd Children’s Hunters 13 & Under

Just Larry & Sarah Draxton
2nd Children’s Hunters 14 -1 7

Kodachrome & Lucy Sogard
2nd NorCal 3’ Medal – Qualified

Avedon & Helen McEvoy
2nd Low Hunters

Rio Ultimo & Helen McEvoy
3rd, 3rd Pre-Green Hunters