Feb 24 to Feb 28




Rancho Murieta, CA




Craig 2 & Andrea Oneto
Champion Low Hunters
Champion Amateur Modified Hunters
Champion Low A/O Jr Hunters
2nd $500 Amateur Modified Hunter Stake

Chance of Flurries & Helen McEvoy
Champion Reg/2nd Yr Green Hunters
Champion Junior Modified Hunters
Reserve Champion AO Jr Hunters
1st $500 Junior Mod Hunter Stake

Hoopla & Megan Morrow
Champion Baby Green Hunters
Reserve Champion Pre-Green Hunters

Le Petit Prince & Ilene Zauderer
Champion Schooling Hunters
Reserve Champion Sm/Med/Lrg Stirrup Equitation

Rienzo & Sarah Draxton
Champion Children’s Hunters 14 – 17
1st $500 Children’s Hunter Stake 14 - 17
1st Modified Hunters

High Resolution & Sarah Draxton
Champion Training Hunters
1st PCHA 14 & Under Medal
3rd NorCal 3’ Medal

Rio Ultimo & Helen McEvoy
Champion .70m Jumpers

Avedon & Helen McEvoy
Champion Pre-Green Hunters
2nd Low Hunters

Podium & Jill Olson
Reserve Champion Pre-Child/AA Hunters
1st, 1st Low Hunters
1st Warm-Up Hunters 2’9”
2nd A/A Mod Hunters 2’9”
3rd Training Hunters

Daire Me & Iliana Olson
Reserve Champion Large Children’s Pony Hunters
2nde Horse & Hound Pony Hunters
3rd Large Pony Hunters

Roccoco & Avery Hellman
Reserve Champion Reg/2nd Yr Green Hunters

Landon & Madison Bradshaw
1st, 2nd, 4th Equitation 14 & Under
1st CPHA Foundation
2nd NorCal Jr Medal
2nd CPHA Jr Medal
2nd Hudson & Co Medal

Brownland’s Almond Joy & Isabelle Olson
1st, 2nd Warm-Up Hunters 2’3”
1st 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd Small/Med Pony Hunters
1st Pony Equitation

Lottie & Madison Bradshaw
1st 1.15m Jumpers
1st 1.20m Jumpers
2nd, 3rd High Jr/Am Mod Jumpers

Octavia & Helen McEvoy
1st 1.00m Jumpers
3rd ASPCA Maclay

Corralino & Madison Bradshaw
1st High Jr/Am Mod Jumpers

Vollenbak & Jordan Matteri
6th $500 Low Child’s/A/A Jumper Classic