May 6 to May 9


Woodside Horsepark


Woodside, CA




Rienzo & Sarah Draxton
Champion Modified Open Hunters
Champion Modified Jr Hunters
Reserve Champion Children’s Hunters 13 & Under

Stonetown & Sarah Frushell
Champion Pre-Green Hunters
Champion Children’s Hunters
1st $500 Children’s Hunter Classic
1st Low Hunters

Ballywhim Merriane & Elizabeth Swindells
Champion Cross Rails
Champion Future Riders

Woodstock & Olivia Hellman
Champion Low Adult Equitation
1st $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Classic
1st $500 A/A Hunter Classic
1st A/A Hunters 18 – 35
1st 2nd Yr/Reg Working Hunters

Cody & Jordan Matteri
Champion 1.0m Jumpers
Reserve Champion 1.05m Jumpers

High Resolution & Sarah Draxton
Champion Equitation 12 – 14

Alezan & Lucy Sogard
Champion Modified Low Hunters

Swingtime & Olivia Hellman
Reserve Champion Low Hunters
Reserve Champion A/A Hunters 18 – 35
1st Ariat Adult Medal

Chance of Flurries & Helen McEvoy
Reserve Champion 2nd Yr/Reg Working Hunters
2nd $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Classic

Lottie & Madison Bradshaw
1st, 1st 1.25m Low Jr/AO Jumpers
2nd $1,000 Low Jr/AO Jumper Classic

Tapiato & Molly Baumhoff
1st NorCal Jr/Sr Medal
1st PCHA Adult
2nd Modified Am Hunters
2nd Foxfield Medal
3rd Carousel Jr/Am Medal

Landon & Madison Bradshaw
1st Pickwick Medal
2nd USEF Medal
2nd WIHS Medal
2nd WCE
3rd ASPCA Maclay

Deal Me In & Sarah Ryan
1st, 2nd, 3rd Pony Hunters
1st USEF Pony Medal
2nd Pony Equitation
3rd NorCal Pony Medal
3rd Pony Warm-up

Rio Ultimo & Helen McEvoy
1st Baby Green Hunters

Corralino & Madison Bradshaw
2nd 1.20m Jumpers
2nd USET Talent Search

Cord & Isabella Batki
3rd 1.0m Children’s Jumpers