Aug 7 to Aug 12


Menlo Circus Club


Atherton, CA


SVS Caremunde Z & Shelly Gambardella
Champion High Performance Working Hunters
2nd USHJA Zone 10 A/A Hunters 52 & Over Championship

Chance of Flurries & Helen McEvoy
Champion Low A/O Hunters
2nd USHJA Zone 10 Low A/O Hunter Championship
1st, 2nd Performance 3’6” – 3’9”

Mapleside Dolcetto & Sarah Ryan
Champion Large Pony Hunters
1st USHJA Zone 10 Children’s Large Pony Championship

Gabriel & Sarah Ryan
Reserve Champion Pre-Green Hunters
1st Equitation 12 - 14
1st Children’s Hunters 13 & Under
2nd USHJA Zone 10 Pre-Green Championship

L. Alta Vida & Laura Owens
Reserve Champion A/A Hunters 18- 35
1st Equitation 18 - 24
1st Farnam Adult Medal
3rd $1,000 A/A Hunter Classic

Legacy’s Lucky Pennie & Annvija Hoy
Reserve Champion Large Pony Hunters
2nd M & S Pony Medal

Stone Town & Sarah Frushell
1st USHJA Zone 10 Performance Hunter Championship
1st, 1st Performance 3’3” Hunters
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd Small Junior Hunters 16 – 17
3rd USHJA Zone 10 Small Junior Hunter Championship

Argiste & Sabrina Hellman
1st, 2nd Low A/O Hunters
3rd 3’3” Pre-Green Hunters
3rd USHJA Zone 10 Pre-Green 3’3” Championship

Woodstock & Olivia Hellman
1st USHJA Zone 10 Performance 3’6” Hunter Championship
1st, 3rd Performance 3’6” – 3’9”

Crusader & Paige Pastorino
2nd, 3rd First Yr Green Hunters
2nd, 3rd, 3rd Small Jr Hunters 15 & Under

CR Haribo & Emma Townsend
1st $2,500 Low A/O Hunter Classic
2nd Low A/O Hunters

Constantin & Emma Waldfogel
4th $10,000 USHJA International Derby
1st Pickwick Medal
2nd USHJA Zone 10 High Performance Hunter Championship
3rd, 3rd High Performance Hunters
3rd CPHA Medal

Franko & Tonya Johnston
1st PCHA Adult Medal

Bel Canto & Sabrina Hellman
2nd USHJA Zone 10 First Yr Green Hunter Championship
3rd First Yr Green Hunters

Maximillian & Emma Waldfogel
Reserve Champion Large Junior Hunters 15 & Under
3rd Performance 3’6” – 3’9”

Leopold & Blaire Kingsley
3rd A/O Hunters

Unfinished Business & Emma Waldfogel
3rd M & S Children’s Medal